WOX review specification

Review capacity
  • Number of storable articles: Unlimited
  • Comment: Up to 1000 per article
  • Number of characters that can be posted: Up to 60000 characters per article (Up to 600000 letters of continuation of article)
  • Number of articles displayed: 1 to 12 can be set
Article publication level For each article, you can select from "Internet as a whole", "WOX user as a whole", "WOX friend only", "password restriction", "private (draft)"
Article release period For each article, you can select from "Anytime", "Reservation", "Range Designation"
Comment For each article, you can select from "accept", "do not accept", "accept by period designation"
RSS Correspondence
My template Save up to 20 items
Search within the review Full text search is possible
Review URL Subdomain method:https://Review ID.review.wox.cc
The review ID can be arbitrarily named by the user at the time of registration. Changes after registration are impossible.
Original domain Correspondence (Premium users only)
Review public settings Selectable from "Internet as a whole", "WOX user as a whole", "WOX friend only" "password restriction" or "temporarily paused"
  • Spam filter on WOX system side
  • Captcha (image authentication) setting when posting comments
  • Display after comment approval
  • Posting restriction and access restriction by prohibited word, IP address, host name
Various affiliate use Yes (Premium users only)
Commercial use Yes
Adult content Yes (content contrary to Japanese law is not allowed)
Advertisement display
  • Premium users will not be shown.
  • Free users display when there is no posting for 30 days.
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